Running the Last Lap (TRAC Seniors Ministry)

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Running the Last LapTRAC Board of Seniors Ministry Webinar
Sat 17 Apr 2021, 2-5pm
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Discover how we can run the last lap of our lives on earth and how we can help our loved ones care for us with speakers Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon and Ms Chee Wai Yee.

Talk 1 by Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon
Our earthly lives will one day come to an end. As we grow older, the runway is getting shorter and we often sense it. How then do we prepare for the end? How do we run the last lap of our lives on earth? We are encouraged to "pack our bags" for the greatest journey - from this temporary home to our eternal one, keep our eyes on Jesus, and live with faith, hope and love. We can run the last lap, knowing that we will enter into a reality in Christ that is beyond our imagination.

Talk 2 by Ms Chee Wai Yee
We need a lot of support when we are living with an advance illness. Doctors are not the only people to care for us and make decisions for us. Advance care planning is the process of planning for your future health and personal care before you face any difficult medical situations. In this one-hour interactive talk, you will learn the different types of care for your future needs, how to select the right person to communicate with the healthcare team and take a further step in achieving peace of mind for you and your family members.

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