Aldersgate SG 2015: Seeking the Welfare of the City

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Aldersgate SG 2015 Panel DiscussionEight hundred and forty people attended three lectures for Aldersgate SG 2015 held between 21 and 23 May at Faith Methodist Church and Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church. Themed “Seeking the Welfare of the City” based on Jeremiah 29:7, three speakers from Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia were invited to speak on the unique challenges faced by Christians in their countries, and share their perspectives on how the Christian community could further the welfare of their respective cities.

Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon spoke about social holiness and God’s concern for the poor and needy on the first day of the convention. He mentioned how the early church in Acts as well as John Wesley “developed a profound heart for the poor”, sharing what they had with the needy among them.

Addressing societal issues such as poverty, education, the welfare of migrant workers, and pressures families face, Dr Solomon said, “When we relate to God with personal piety and devotion, we will discover that we cannot love God without also loving others”.

The Rev Asiri Priyalal Perera shared on the second day about how the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka had pioneered 200 schools amidst social and cultural challenges. They also built bridges with other religious leaders, after the country had emerged from the civil war.

On the third and final day of the convention, Mr Anthony Row delivered a candid address of the political and religious tensions and difficulties that beset the Methodist Church in Malaysia. This was followed by a panel discussion with all three speakers.

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