TRAC BOWE Ideate and Network

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TRAC BOWE Ideate and Network

TRAC BOWE Ideate and Network
Sat 19 Oct 2019, 8:30am
Paya Lebar Methodist Church
5 Boundary Road @ Jordan Hall, Level 1
Singapore 549954

Many conversations with friends and family members often take place over “KOPI” time, in the hope that it will lead to an opportunity to invite them to know more about Jesus. But, how do we begin? What should we say and do to generate interest to keep the conversations meaningful?

Session 1: “One Gospel, Yet 3 Ways” by Rev Dr Aaron Tay
A look into the New Testament understanding of evangelism and the Gospel. Find out how doing the acts of faith in witnessing, being relational and contextual and the reality of sin problem should impact our engagement and sharing of the Gospel.

Session 2: “How do we start the conversation? Let’s solve together” by Kevin Kim (USA) and Nicholas Khoo
A 2 hour-guided facilitation with a defined challenge by design thinking experts. They will bring us through an ideation process as a Witness and Evangelism body and as a church to ideate strategies together.

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About the Organiser
The TRAC Board of Witness and Evangelism (BOWE) invites you to a networking session. The gathering aims to provide an opportunity to learn, ideate and network as a Witness and Evangelism body and as a church. For enquiries, please contact Rev Wendy Tay.

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