Official Announcement: Fake email account impersonating Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung

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Fake Email Account Impersonating Bishop Dr ChongFake Account Alert
We have received reports of a number of people receiving spoofed emails from an account that purports to be from Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung. These emails are addressed generically, and start with an innocent question or remark that draws a response from the recipient; for example, “I need a favour from you, please email me back when you get this message.” Some of the emails ask for considerable amounts of money.

These impersonations have come from non-official email addresses such as RevDrCChung(at)gmail(dot)com; there may be others.

We have made a police report and authorities are investigating. In the meantime, please do not respond to such emails, as doing so identifies you as a potential victim to the scammers. Instead, please forward the suspected spoof email to WITH THE HEADER INFORMATION INCLUDED so that we and the authorities can investigate further.


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