GoForth National Missions Conference 2018

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GoForth 2018GO URBAN
GoForth National Missions Conference 2018
21 - 23 Jun 2018
ACS Barker Road Campus
60 Barker Road
Singapore 309919

Why Go Urban? Why Urban Missions?

More than 54 per cent of the global population live in cities today! Millions travel to urban centres in search of a better life especially economically or through education. With an expected one billion people in Asia moving from rural to urban areas by the year 2030, the number of world city dwellers is expected to rise to 70 per cent by 2050. This is indeed an urgent call to the church to serve and minister with the love of Christ in cities both locally and across the seas especially as the majority will be characteristically poor (living on less than $2 a day) and young (under 25 years of age).

It is time for churches in Singapore to arise to our calling as an Antioch of Asia. Despite modernisation and progress, there is an urgent call for us to be on the cutting edge to bring hope to the many, especially people in our neighbouring cities who are struggling with diverse social issues, poverty, lack of education, exploitation, loneliness, ageing, addictions, digitalization, livelihood and marketplace matters. As Jesus’ “love letters”, let us step out creatively in our unique ways. Together we can help to meet one or more of these needs and make a positive difference to impact and transform cities.

With a line-up of specially invited prominent international and local speakers, the 2018 GoForth National Missions Conference will look at an array of diverse strategies to empower individuals and churches to reach and transform cities with the love of Christ.

GoForth 2018 offers different tracks for different interests with topics for adults, millennials, youth and children.

Choose your preferred track in English or Chinese. There will also be a Children's Programme and Leaders' Track with more than 50 workshops on various topics, including urban church planting, migrants, social issues, creative arts, education, sports, economic and livelihood issues, and digital media.

Register now for the conference or for the Children's Programme.

More information @ www.goforth.org.sg. Stay updated @ facebook.com/GoForth.SG. For enquires, please email admin@goforth.org.sg or call +65 63398950.

About GoForth
GoForth is a National Missions Movement in Singapore that challenges Christians to arise and fulfill the Great Commission, wherever they may be. GoForth aims to instill a lifestyle of missions-mindedness to reach out to our own spheres of influence. The GoForth Movement encourages us to represent Christ in everything we do, from our careers, to schools, military, and even raising a family.

The GoForth Conference
The GoForth National Missions Conference is an interdenominational gathering of like-minded Christians from all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.

Equipping the GoForth generation
Held every three to four years, this conference aims at equipping participants for effective ministry through thought-provoking keynote messages, an exciting conference curriculum and evening rallies by leaders in missiology.

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