Healing Wounded Hearts (TRAC WSCS)

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Healing the Wounded HeartHealing the Wounded Heart
Sat 9 Sep 17 @ 9:30am-5pm
Pentecost Methodist Church
4 Pasir Ris Drive 6
Singapore 519420

Speaker: Steve Diehl

Do you struggle with forgiving yourself or others? Do you find yourself still holding in anger and resentment even after you've forgiven someone who has wronged you? Do you desire to be free from the bondages of your past?

Steve Diehl uncovers the seven keys that will help you practise forgiveness, find true freedom and healing, and lead an abundant life. Learn to develop a lifestyle of forgiveness by receiving God's forgiveness, and forgiving yourself and others. Through practical teaching and testimonies, his book — Unlocking The Treasure of forgiveness — will help you overcome self-condemnation, resolve anger towards God and restore your broken relationships.

  • Session One: Sins Damage - Forgiveness Heals
  • Session Two: The Two Sides of Sin and Forgiveness
  • Session Three: How to Practice Personal Forgiveness
  • Session Four: How to Practice Relational Forgiveness

Come and discover how practicing real forgiveness heals the human soul!

Jointly organised by TRAC WSCS and Armour Publishing, for more info, please visit www.facebook.com/tracwscs, email wscstrac@gmail.com or call +65 61009727 (TRAC WSCS).

Registration Fee: $12 (include bento lunch and tea). Sign up at your local WSCS counter.

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