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"John Wesley was raised by God to spread 'scriptural holiness' throughout England and beyond. Living at the time of the English Industrial Revolution, he saw the utter necessity of the Christian teaching being made available to the masses and made relevant to their daily lives."

-- The People Called Methodists: The Heritage, Life and Mission of The Methodist Church in Singapore.

Here you will find contemporary writings that relate to the work, theology and insights of John and Charles Wesley. For a list of other resources, click here.



A Poet's Lasting Legacy
In 2007, Methodists all over the world celebrated the 300th birth anniversary of Charles Wesley, God’'s poetic gift to the Methodist movement and the larger Body of Christ. (More)

Re-tuning Charles Wesley
The Wesley brothers, as we are all familiar, never did leave behind for their constituents a crystallised systematic theological understanding of their faith expressions. (More)

Social Holiness
In His earthly ministry, our Lord Jesus preached and taught the truth, healed the sick, and delivered those in bondage from evil. (More)

Redeemed from human slavery to serve Christ
While the image of John Wesley preaching the gospel astride a galloping horse may be etched in Methodist consciousness, Wesley did not only preach freedom from slavery to sin ...(More)

The Breath and the Voice
In thinking about the reality and ministry of the Holy Spirit, Christians sometimes do what they should not ... (More)

The Methodist Covenant Service
Methodist churches all over the world have habitually observed the Methodist Covenant Service, typically on the first Sunday of each new year. The practice dates back to John Wesley himself. (More)

Reading for Life
As Christians, we are the people of the Book. God has chosen to reveal Himself through His written word. It was no wonder that John Wesley considered himself to be a "“man of one book."” (More)

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