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History of The Methodist Church in Singapore

Remembering our Heritage

God fanned the spark of divine grace into a blazing flame through the lives and ministries of the Wesley brothers and their fellow pilgrims in the early Methodist movement. That flame touched our shores on 7 February 1885 when James Thoburn and William Oldham landed in Singapore. Their arrival was not the result merely of human planning and intention. That God was directing them is evidenced by the fact that Charles Phillips ... (More)

The first Methodist Church in Singapore (left) and the first ACS school building (right) were adjacent to each other on Coleman Street. To view the Heritage Day Main Exhibition panels, click here.

Official Historical Statement of The Methodist Church in Singapore (Click here)

Bishops of the Methodist Church in Singapore, listing all the Episcopal heads of the Church since 1885 (Click here)

A list of Annual Conference Presidents since 1968 (Click here)

John Wesley: Father of Methodism (Click here)

Life of John Wesley (Watch video)

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